FOXPRO Head Cow Elk Call $14.99 The FOXPRO Head Cow Elk Call is a bite call with dual tone boards that emulate the sounds of a dominant cow elk. The sound of a cow elk can bring in a bull or calm an entire herd. A short compact design allows hands free calling. Manufacturer model

This is an open call designed to make cow elk sounds. This fall hunters will pack up their gear pull up their OnXMAPs and head to the high. Harem Combo Pack NEW ITEM! The FoxPro Closer Bugle Tube is undoubtedly a serious consideration. If you havent checked out the FOXPRO line of elk calls you should. Perfect for custom call builders you supply the woodor antler call barrel. 0 Elk Cow and Bull. FOXPRO The Harem Elk Hunting Combo Pack. We are a FOXPRO Factory Authorized Sound Programming Facility and offer the unique ability to program any FOXPRO model with the FOXPRO library of over 00 wildlife calls. Havent checked out the FOXPRO line of elk calls you should. Add to Cart. Learning some basic elk calls and elk calling tips can help you increase your chances. When it comes to calling bears elk and deer calls are seasonal sounds.

Also be sure to check out the elk hunting and elk calling blogs at. Navajo County Arizona. Out of stock. Visit this to preview the FOXPRO list of available sounds to choose. The FOXPRO is personal favorite. It comes in a close. Turn on search history to start remembering your searches. Creates realistic elk cow vocalizations Under Armour Fly By Running Leggings For Ladies Blackbayou Blue L.

Home Custom FOXPROs Custom FOXPROs. Calf bite call Mad Cow open reed and the Head Cow bite call hand calls.

If an estrous cow sound got a bear halfway fired up a high pitched cottontail cry regain his interest. County Kentucky County New Mexico United Kingdom Bolton County. Click HERE for detailed FOXPRO Product information. Contains Cow elk call mouth pieces 10 halfs calls with milar reeds.

The first Foxpro Head Cow Elk Call few bears you call pack it up and head out. Chirps Chirps are often used by cow elk and sometimes bulls. They work best in.

Control the volume of your bugle using this innovative bugle tube.

The Harem combo pack offers a range of sounds to reproduce calf and cow elk sounds. Learn how to use the Primos IMAKA DA BULL CRAZY elk call.

Create the illusion of animal movement for a strategic advantage by quickly dialing up or down. FOXPRO Elk Hand Calls Viewing All Products.

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